Filosa Oy

Design your own BRICKS

The BRICKS modular furniture system by FILOSA offers new ways of designing interior spaces. With the use of a simple cube as the basic element and almost endless possibilities in terms of combinations, colours and material finishes, BRICKS engages with both classic and modern architecture, traditional furnishing and new ways of thinking about interiors. It is designed with the intention of making interior furnishing easy and flexible to compose individually and to rearrange whilst being both functional and durable. The key words are form, function, individuality and flexibility.

The concept is based on a 40x40x40cm cube as the basic element. Thanks to the advanced simplicity of the cube, BRICKS offers endless possibilities for unique compositions, combinations and thereby completely individual installations. A wide range of accessories, including bench elements, table units, shelves, acoustic panels and castors, and the free choice of RAL colours and surface materials, makes the system adaptable to any functional need and interior context. Composed as a free-standing and multifunctional room divider, a simple locker unit, mobile seating or a break-out station, BRICKS is always based on the idea of combining storage with any other functional need and with the simple possibility to change, reuse, expand or divide into smaller units and different functionalities.

BRICKS is designed with the simplicity of the cube for the changing needs of modern organisations, enabling new ways of designing, using and experiencing interior spaces.

Material options:

Wooden parts available in high pressure laminate or alternatively in oak, ash and birch veneer. Finishing of wooden parts lacquered or stained.

Upholstery according to the interior plan. Base either with castors or legs.