Filosa Oy

Filosophy & inspiration

Filosa was established to break the traditional way of thinking about what public spaces should look like. The name Filosa contains a Finnish word for joy or being happy. We think that public spaces can be equipped with furniture pieces that bring joy and make people feel happy. How public spaces function can be considered in many different ways. We want to show you our way of thinking about spaces, through movement, dynamic functions and the feeling of comfort.

Filosa consists of a group of people with lengthy experience of creating designs and atmosphere in public spaces. Our aim is to reach a situation where Filosa is regarded as a pioneer in new approaches to creating public spaces.

Schools, universities, libraries and hospitals are the environments we are targeting. There’s no doubt that Filosa products could also be part of many other environments. Our furniture is perfectly suited for places where joy and functionality is called for.

That is our philosophy. We dare you to try it.

Lars Vejen

The danish architect behind the BRICKS system

My professional passion is very simple; I love finding and shaping the good idea! Enjoy seeing it realized in collaboration with talented people within their separate fields of handcraft, engineering, marketing, sales, logistics. Design thinking when it is best and works in full understanding and acknowledgement of the value of all people involved in a product development. I use my background as architect to extract the essence of a need. To see a potential in the context of a space, in architecture and in the people without whom none of it would make much sense. Great inspiration is for me found simply by living life! Seeing the way human, things, shapes, nature, structures and elements interacts. Knowledge gathered from years of experience with a wide range of very different professional partners gives me valuable insight and cross-references to enhance my creativity. It is always the same great pleasure finding the right solution. Finding the balance.